Participant Quotes

Over 1500 artists from more than 30 countries have participated in Listening Room retreats and workshops in 12 countries since 2002.

Here’s what a few of them had to say:

"While I've written and recorded dozens of songs on my own and with co-writers over the years, I must say that the experience I had at the Listening Room Retreat in California opened my mind to new techniques, possibilities and processes that have already made me a better songwriter. Brett Perkins does great work and I highly recommend his retreats and workshops!" 

- David Starr, US -

"You have an amazing ability to listen to new song drafts and helpfully critique them. It was a learning experience unlike any I’ve been involved with. You’ve developed a great intensive workshop. And you draw wonderful attendees! I will be recommending your retreats to more songwriters from here on out." 

- John D. Lamb, Lamb's Retreat For Songwriters, US -

"I really can’t speak highly enough of my experience at the 2017 Ben Lomond retreat Brett. It was an amazing and eye-opening week for me - valuable beyond anything I could have imagined. Thanks so much for your commitment to songwriting and songwriters - please keep doing what you do." 

- Jay Pinto, US -

"Attending the Listening Room Retreat and then going on the Listening Room Tours has been an amazing experience. I highly recommend the retreat and tour to every songwriter, meeting and co-writing with people from all over the world and touring together is one of the best experiences I've had!!" 

- Susan Marie Reeves, US

“A fantastic setting where you can focus completely on your songwriting potential.”
- David Llewellyn, Nashville, TN

Inisheer is the perfect place to walk and explore and let your mind wander. Everyday of the retreat was a new opportunity to make a friend out of a stranger, and make a song out of a unique experience. 

- Daniel Leathersich

“Last week was all about songwriting, and I think I broke my personal record, thanks to cowriting. Brett Perkins is the man.” 

- Jen Hajj

“I am still so moved by the immensity of talent and the incredible warmth and comaraderie at the retreat. It really has been a life changing experience for me.” 
- Janni Littlepage, Carmel Valley, CA

“Our Inisheer Retreat really kicked us into gear, plus, two of the songs written during that week are on our new CD, ’13 Seasons’” 
- Carol Ann and Stevie Gurr, Los Angeles, CA

“The songwritng retreat in Ben Lomond really shifted something in my writing (and in me) I’m so glad for the time there. Keep doing what you do.. it makes such a difference.” 
- Drew Nelson/Red House Records Artist

“The Listening Room Retreat is exactly that: A rare opportunity where you can calm your mind down long enough to actually listen…this process has been enormously effective for my craft which is my career and for my soul which is my life. ” 
- SONIA/disappear fear

“As a professional songwriter for over 25 years I have participated in, and facilitated, many writing workshops. It’s my pleasure to attest that the Listening Room retreat I attended was the most enjoyable and productive of them all.” 
- Tom Kimmel, Nashville, TN (Johnny Cash. Shawn Colvin, Joe Cocker)

“So many talents, great food and fellowship, good laughs and of course great songs! If you’re a songwriter at heart this is the place for you” 
- Phyllis A. Travis, Houston, Texas

“Catching songs in the mountains of the Sequoia’s – Spiritually, mentally, physically…It was a life changing experience!!! I don’t know if I can ever live without going there once a year…don’t wanna!!!! So much outlook and love – Thanks to everybody there!” 
- Nanna Larsen, Copenhagen, Denmark

“I’m grateful you’re out there in the world, creating a wonderful space for great musicians everywhere to make their magic.” 
- Tina Lear, Maine, USA

“The retreat in Inisheer was truly inspiring. I really got a chance to stretch as a songwriter physically, emotionally and spiritually. The morning warm ups were relaxing and a great way to start the day. There was lots of laughter and many open hearts. It was great watching the growth of the other artists as well. The beauty of the island was truly magical and the nightly song circles were completely uplifting and extremely challenging. What a great combination!” 
- Robyn Rosenkrantz/Bright Blue Gorilla

“I’ll say it’s kind of opening a can of condensed energy and inspiration. I’ve done it twice and I’m gonna do it again.” 
- Jan.Åke Nilsson, Sweden

“I must warn you, this is a highly addictive event! Once you become part of this community and learn about the co-writing approach, you will get a broader understanding of songwriting, maybe even see your own place as an artist differently, and you will meet a bunch of fellow songwriters who eventually might become friends along the way.” 
- Claudia Nentwich/Berlin, Germany

“Wow! I just found my new tribe! Thank you, all. My gratitude to each and every one for an inspiring, tender, challenging, and just plain FUN week.” 
- Rita Cantu/Tucson, Arizona

“It was another super great and very together retreat in a super cool, new location with a shinning group of very talented and personable songwriters. This was my 5th Listening Room International Retreat. Could’a been the best. Sign up now or forever wish ya did!” 
- Burton Jespersen/Taos, New Mexico

“After two retreats and over a dozen new songs I see a profound change in my creative life. Now if I could just arrange to attend every one!” 

- Dana Cooper, Nashville

"Brett Perkins retreat on Samso Island in Denmark was a truly dreamy rejuvenation. Not a thing to think about but songs, songs, SONGS!!! "
- Kathrin Shorr/Sweet Talk Radio, Los Angeles

"Brett Perkins is a unique individual with a gift for letting the spotlight shine on each of the participants." 

- Danilo Moscardino, UK

"I went to my first Listening Room Retreat on a whim in 2010. On the beautiful island of Samsø I discovered new friends and fresh takes on co-writing that sparked a creativity within that had been lying dormant for a long time. Since then a certified songwriting retreat junkie, I have attended several more of Brett Perkins' retreats. They are always held in gorgeous natural surroundings and have led to countless new songs and many fruitful collaborations. I can't recommend them highly enough." 

- Patrick Rydman, Sweden - My Quiet Companion

"Brett’s songwriting retreat on the tiny island of Inisheer was like a spa for your writing muscles. Beautiful scenery and total calm. Every day you get new tools for writing and feedback in the evening circle. When I got home afterwards I felt strong, energised and ready to take on new writing challenges." 

- Vera Kebbe, Sweden - Soundcloud

"In 2004 I decided to re-invest in myself by going on a Listening Room retreat. The experience was literally transformational. I came back with renewed energy, some great co-written songs, a new network of songwriting friends from around the world and most importantly of all, I have come alive again as a songwriter. I can't recommend it too highly." 

- Jimmy Rae, Merseyside, UK -